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Yesterday the Securities and Exchange Commission published a notice of intent to issue an order that would increase the performance fee threshold, i.e., the definition of “qualified client” under Adviser’s Act Rule 205-3, to $2.0 Million from $1.5 Million (under the client net worth test), and to $1.5 Million from $750,000 (under the client asset under management test). The SEC also notified that it intended to adopt a rule requiring inflation adjustment reevaluation of these thresholds every five years.

The order proposal is a result of a study required by Section 418 of the Dodd-Frank Act. The proposed inflation-adjustment amendment would require the use of the Personal Consumption Expenditures Chain-Type Price Index (“PCE Index”), published by the Department of Commerce. The PCE Index is often used as an indicator of inflation in the personal sector of the U.S. economy.

The proposed amendment to Rule 205-3 would also specify that the value of a prospective client’s personal residence and any debt associated therewith should be excluded in determining net worth for purposes of determining whether he or she is a “qualified client” to whom performance fees may be charged.
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