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The Texas State Securities Board has recently proposed amending Section 116.2 of the Texas Securities Regulations to add a new requirement that each investment adviser seeking to register under the Texas Securities Act submit to the Board a balance sheet prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles that reflects the current financial condition of the investment adviser.

One of the stated reasons for proposal of the rule is that, in the experience of the Securities Board, applicants have been having some difficulty in locating and completing the suggested balance sheet template contained on the Board’s website. The Board believed that providing an actual form and requiring its use will be more helpful to potential applicants and will make administrative of the requirement simpler for the Board itself.
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In the past six months two states, Iowa and Texas, have adopted private fund adviser exemptions to their investment adviser registration requirements under their respective state securities acts. Another state, Washington, has proposed a private fund adviser exemption. These state actions reflect a continuing trend to exempt private fund advisers from registration under certain carefully circumscribed conditions.

The Iowa exemption, which became effective at the end of 2013, exempted advisers providing advice to one or more qualifying private funds so long as neither the advisers nor their affiliates are subject to the “bad boy” disqualification provisions of Rule 262, Regulation A and the adviser files the required exempt reporting adviser’s reports mandated by Rule 204-4 of the Investment Adviser’s Act of 1940 via the IARD filing system. The exemption further provides that representatives of exemption-eligible investment advisers are also exempt from the investment adviser representative registration requirements if they do not otherwise act as representatives, that is, if they only act as representatives in connection with the activities of the exempt private adviser. The Iowa rule also provides that private fund advisers that are registered with the SEC are ineligible for the state exemption and therefore must comply instead with the notice filing requirements under the Iowa Securities Act for federal covered advisers.
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